Simple enough for anyone, flexible enough for anything.
The next generation of design tools is coming. We believe that creators should work together to create beautiful products for users. That's why we've imagined a future where the actual medium of an interface can become interchangeable. With Relate, designers and developers can use the same set of tools.

Design Features

Free Tier without any time limit Yes
Pricing One-year cost for a paid plan $180
Offline Can be used without internet No Offline use not possible
Collaboration Simultaneous editing Yes Real-time
Handoff Specifications for developers No No handoff specs
Pen Tool No No pen tool
Frames/Artboards Several can be shown simultaneously No Not supported
Components/Symbols Reusable project element No No components or symbols
Responsiveness Layouts can be responsive Yes Responsive layouts
Prototyping No No prototyping
Version Control Show version history No No version history
Sharing Access to live version
Platform Web

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