One-stop Solution for Prototyping and Usability Testing
Create high definition prototypes in minutes instead of hours, with an easy prototyping experience.

Prototyping Features

Free Tier without any time limit No
Pricing One-year cost for a paid plan $240
Offline Can be used without internet No Offline use not possible
Design Capability No Can't create designs
Collaboration Simultaneous editing No No real-time collaboration
Handoff Specifications for developers No No handoff specs
Import From other apps
Animation Reusable project element Yes Can animate elements
Code Needed to prototype No No coding required
Data Populate elements with external data No Static text
Version Control Show version history Yes View file version history
Video Video content can be added No Can't embed videos
Steps Usability testing questions No No guided steps
Analytics Event tracking while testing No No analytics
Heatmap Heatmap tracking while testing No No heatmaps
Sharing Access to live version
Platform Web

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