Gravit Designer

Start Designing Graphics or Editing Icons and Logos for Free
Gravit Designer is a vector graphics design app for creating art and marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design, presentations, and social media images. It’s fast and easy to use with powerful professional features.

Design Features

Free Tier without any time limit No
Pricing One-year cost for a paid plan $49
Offline Can be used without internet Yes Can be used offline with a paid account
Collaboration Simultaneous editing No No real-time collaboration
Handoff Specifications for developers Yes Code and values for the design
Pen Tool Yes There is a pen tool
Frames/Artboards Several can be shown simultaneously Yes Multiple in the same project
Components/Symbols Reusable project element Yes Use across files and projects
Responsiveness Layouts can be responsive Yes Responsive layouts
Prototyping No No prototyping
Version Control Show version history Yes View file version history
Sharing Access to live version
Platform WebWindowsMacLinux

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