Free Figma Wireframe UI Kit

16 Free Figma Wireframe UI Kit [2021]

When starting a new project from scratch, it can help to do some wireframing to get an understanding of how all elements should be arranged.With a wireframe UI kit we can speed up this process, and get the same end result while being more effecient.

Free Figma Wireframe UI Kit

1. Figma Wireframe Kit

This Figma wireframe kit is full of UI elements, sections, and components for easy prototyping.
Figma Wireframe Kit image

2. Sketchy Wireframes

A simple kit for mocking up applications and websites. Free yourself from pixel perfection and use this kit to quickly mock up your ideas. Build up your own components from the primatives provided (lines & rectangles) to create anything!
Sketchy Wireframes image

3. Ant UX Wireframes

A Figma version with proper Assets, Components and Color Styles (based on the Sketch version)
Ant UX Wireframes image

4. UX Flow Wireframes

Easily create beautiful user flows prototypes for your project.
UX Flow Wireframes image

5. Lo-fi Wireframe Kit

A robust library of over 100 wireframing components that helps you explore more ideas, faster!
Lo-fi Wireframe Kit image

6. Simplified Wireframes

A simple kit to create wireframes in Figma.
Simplified Wireframes image

7. Wireframe Kit

Speed up your workflow with this wireframe kit. If you're at an early stage of your project and trying to map out a quick rough idea of what goes where without getting into the nitty-gritty polished details—this kit is for you.
Wireframe Kit image

8. MPS Wireframe Toolkit

The MPS Wifreframe Toolkit is a complete collection of elements and a system to create rapidly consistent wireframes.
MPS Wireframe Toolkit image

9. Simple Wireframe Kit

A simple and easy to use wireframe kit that supports Variants.
Simple Wireframe Kit image

10. contra wireframe kit

A starter wireframe kit for quick design and prototyping your idea. Its library contains more than 150+ components and 50+ ready to use mobile screens. You can also create new components and screens easily with the help of its style guide.
contra wireframe kit image

11. Wirefigma

Design websites and applications faster and focus on what really matters–your ideas.
Wirefigma image

12. VanillaFrame - A Simple Wireframe Kit

VanillaFrame is a simple kit useful to create a wireframe. I tried to insert only the essential elements to start designing.
VanillaFrame - A Simple Wireframe Kit image

13. Ironhack Wireframe Kit

Use this wireframe kit to make your first steps as a UX/UI Designer using Figma.
Ironhack Wireframe Kit image

14. Simple Wireframe Kit

Because sometimes all you need is some boxes, buttons and form elements.
Simple Wireframe Kit image

15. blockbox wireframe ui kit

Huge library full of ready-to-use niche layouts.
blockbox wireframe ui kit image

16. Fisamiq - Low-fidelity UI Kit

Fisamiq is a low-fidelity UI kit heavily influenced by both Balsamiq and Figma.
Fisamiq - Low-fidelity UI Kit image