Free Figma Website Templates

37 Free Figma Website Templates [2021]

We have collected all the best free Figma website templates, to make it easy for you to get up and running designing your website. Here we have a wide array of different websites you can design from all of these different templates.

Free Figma Website Templates

1. MNTN - Landing Page

This is a concept for a blog landing page about hiking and traveling.
MNTN - Landing Page image

2. Concepts

Sometimes I draw concepts. Collected a few to share with society. I will add new concepts here from time to time.
Concepts image

3. Free Crypto Dashboard - RecehTok Dark

RecehTok is a crypto currency dark themed dashboard with beautiful glowing and blurred effects, originated made with sketch app it was my freebie dashboard exploration created for Pixelz Studio back then and now recreated fully in Figma. Duplicate to add it to your figma workspace.
Free Crypto Dashboard - RecehTok Dark image

4. Trafalgar Landing Page

Looking for a healthcare solution landing page? Check this kit out. Crafted by SLAB Design Studio for Figma.
Trafalgar Landing Page image

5. Move Multipurpose Template Plus UI Kit Preview

Move Multipurpose Template comes with a multitude of carefully designed page layouts; purpose-built content blocks, that when pieced together, create stunning professional layouts. To make your workflow as productive as possible, we created 4 high-quality pre-built home pages and 28 additional pages that you can use as the basis for a website you create.
Move Multipurpose Template Plus UI Kit Preview image

6. Figma startup landing page dark

Figma template with a dark theme, Perfect for a startup product landing page.The template is free to download and easy to customize.
Figma startup landing page dark image

7. Figma Website Template - Landie Demo

This Figma website template and landing page builder can help you speed up your next web design project. It contains Figma styles like typography and color for easy editing!
Figma Website Template - Landie Demo image

8. Furniture Shop - Freebie

Hope you all going well. This is my new exploration about furniture shop landing page. created with minimalis and clean style that suitable with furniture niche. All images is free license that i get from pexels, unsplash and some from freepik. hopefully my design will help you
Furniture Shop - Freebie image

9. Portfolio UI - Web and Mobile

A protfolio UI for designers and developers which has 4 unique pages includes blog, case study.
Portfolio UI - Web and Mobile image

10. Free Website Headers

5 amazing, and creative website headers for your projects.
Free Website Headers image

11. Massimo Vignelli Website Concept

A concept website for Massimo Vignelli.
Massimo Vignelli Website Concept image

12. Chime - music community (Main screen)

Do you want to learn how to play musical instruments or understand the philosophy of melody?
Chime - music community (Main screen) image

13. Frispes Landing Page

Free template for co-working spaces.
Frispes Landing Page image

14. Newmedia

Landing page design for digital media agency
Newmedia image

15. Flowbase - Real Estate Template

Simple real estate landing page template.
Flowbase - Real Estate Template image

16. Exodus Crypto Wallet Landing Page Freeb

A simple landing page concept with a couple of UI elements just to see how will it look and it ended up pretty well. This is not the style they are currently doing online.
Exodus Crypto Wallet Landing Page Freeb image

17. Web User Interface Kit with Open Doodles

Use this UI Kit template as a starting point for your next website.
Web User Interface Kit with Open Doodles image

18. Landing Page Design

Landing page re-design for EmbedStories
Landing Page Design image

19. DugiLan - WooCommerce UI and UX

E-Commerce website for Wordpress Themes and Plugins.
DugiLan - WooCommerce UI and UX image

20. Analytics — Landing Page Design

Landing page design concept for analytics applications with dashboards, features, and pricing plans.
Analytics — Landing Page Design image

21. WP-Manifest

WP-Manifest is a WordPress minimal & Fast-loading theme for people who need a blog besides a portfolio.
WP-Manifest image

23. Flamingo Website Design

A website about the beautiful flammingo 🦩
Flamingo Website Design image

24. Landing Page - Hero Exploration

4 different hero sections to explore color, typography and layout.
Landing Page - Hero Exploration image

25. QSS Analytics

Landing page design for data science consulting company website
QSS Analytics image

26. WP-Meliora

WP-Meliora is a minimal & mobile-first blog theme. The best choice for people who want to start blogging as soon as possible.
WP-Meliora image

27. Real Estate Landing Page

This landing page describes about concept of publishing housing estates for sale or rent, and for consumers seeking to buy or rent a property.
Real Estate Landing Page image

28. Limitless Figma-Webflow Template

Every page you see here (and many, many more) are already built and easily customizable in Webflow.
Limitless Figma-Webflow Template image

29. Music streaming landing page - Rsound - Exploration

This is a landing page of music streaming service. Combined two different font in the same section makes the point more prominent.
Music streaming landing page - Rsound - Exploration image

30. Flowbase - SaaS Landing Page

SaaS website template page.
Flowbase - SaaS Landing Page image

31. Trekking Page

A small experiment with a UI I've been working.
Trekking Page image

32. My portfolio UI UX designer

Portfolio website for web designers.
My portfolio UI UX designer image

33. Landing-Assets-Variants

Create beautiful UIs for desktop.
Landing-Assets-Variants image


Figma shows us the future of tooling and communications for designers. It becomes the game-changer for design by connecting designers and fostering an open and collaborative community. image

35. Travel App Concept

What’s the most important thing when you are planning your travel? I guess it's finding everything in quick and convenient way, isn’t it?
Travel App Concept image

36. CMS Template

CMS template with sidebar, navigation and table list.
CMS Template image

37. Crypto Dashboard - Light RecehTok

It is a crypto currency dashboard with beautiful glowing and blurred effects.
Crypto Dashboard - Light RecehTok image