Free Figma UI Kit

6 Free Figma UI Kit [2021]

A ready made UI kit can be helpful to speed up the creation of a new design. It can also make your early design process more consistent, because you are relying on a framework of elements that already have gone through some testing.

Free Figma UI Kit

1. Browk UI KIT

Buttons, Tags, Input, Typography, Colors, Notifications and many more for your design.
Browk UI KIT image

2. Figmaland - Premium UI Kit

Everything you need to design your landing page. It is designed for both mobile and desktop, with a light and dark theme.
Figmaland - Premium UI Kit image

3. Prositos UI Starter Kit

Only things that are essential to start crafting UXs.
Prositos UI Starter Kit image

4. Figma Material Design UI Kit (Desktop Dashboard)

Figma Material Design UI Kit with modern desktop templates, dashboard (light and dark), and Material Design components and UI elements.
Figma Material Design UI Kit (Desktop Dashboard) image

5. Met UI Kit (Demo)

Design System for Web (Desktop and Mobile) use that I have prepared as a Side Project.
Met UI Kit (Demo) image

6. Bootstrap 4+ UI Kit

A reliable and high-fidelity Bootstrap 4+ UI Kit. Very attention to detail on every pixel. All components have the best Auto Layout and Constraints practices.
Bootstrap 4+ UI Kit image