Free Figma Mobile Templates

32 Free Figma Mobile Templates [2021]

Whenever designing a new mobile design, it can help to draw inspiration from a template. That is why we have gathered a list of the best free mobile templates for Figma.

Free Figma Mobile Templates

1. Train Ticket Mobile App

This app is a platform for buying train tickets.
Train Ticket Mobile App image

2. Mobile Interface Kit—Demo

35 screens for onboarding, banking, finance, messaging, communication, booking, tourism, e-commerce, account, settings & more. You can pretty much build an app just from these screens!
Mobile Interface Kit—Demo image

3. Mobile e-commerce concept

Free e-commerce mobile concept.
Mobile e-commerce concept image

4. D-Caller Mobile UI Kit

This UI kit is a clean and elegant app which contains 6 screens for you to get started.
D-Caller Mobile UI Kit image

5. UX Case Study - MyTsel

This UX Case Study Project is a personal one and is not tied to any agency.
UX Case Study - MyTsel image

6. Pocket audio Guide - Concept

Explore the world with audio guide as your free tour guide. Audio guide is like a personal tour guide in your pocket. Audio guide uses GPS to locate your position and plays immersive stories right on your ears, while your eyes enjoy seeing it. It is truly an amazing experience!
Pocket audio Guide - Concept image

7. Ajheryuk (Live Education Mobile Apps)

This mobile app describes a platform specific to learning design via video call conferencing with experience mentors.
Ajheryuk (Live Education Mobile Apps) image

8. Mobile PWA eCommerce Design Kit

This is a mobile first design system + eCommerce that maps easily with the Capybara Theme based on the Storefront UI Design System. All the pages are pre built to match the Capybara theme and the design system can be used to customize or make new pages in Vue Storefront. You can use this to quickly theme and share designs with a client.
Mobile PWA eCommerce Design Kit image

9. Dirbbox Online Cloud Storage

This kit is a minimal cloud storage app design crafted by Neelesh Chaudhary for Figma.
Dirbbox Online Cloud Storage image

10. TKCRM Android App

This is a real app that helps drivers to complete delivery orders and monitors many params of their movement.
TKCRM Android App image

11. Movie Time - Movie Ticket Booking Application Prototype

An app for booking movie tickets.
Movie Time - Movie Ticket Booking Application Prototype image

12. Vending Machine App

I want to share with the community my first UI kit for Figma 🎉 It’s a vending machine app concept. I’m always out of coins and I’d love to be able use my phone to pay my daily orange juice. So, I designed it!
Vending Machine App image

13. LinksForAll

Project created to show design process and to use as a Link agregator to social media.
LinksForAll image

14. Meditation app UI

Have you noticed how rapidly self-care apps get to hold of popularity? Meditation helps you to recover your original, true mind. This grows the inner power. There are thousands of benefits from making your mind healthy. We are working on a great meditation app where you can meditate properly in a very comfortable way.
Meditation app UI image

15. Boro UI for Apple Watch apps

A clean and modern look for the Apple Watch user interface. Futuristic palette and shadows will make your design unforgettable 😎
Boro UI for Apple Watch apps image

16. Music Player App

A mobile design for a music player app.
Music Player App image

17. Travel app freebie

An example of a mobile travel app.
Travel app freebie image

18. Sleep App

The benefits associated with a good night's sleep are endless, yet a significant number of people are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis.
Sleep App image

19. Messaging App UI

A UI for messaging app. You can use it freely.
Messaging App UI image

20. tasked — the to do list app

Exercise for a to do list app with prototype.
tasked — the to do list app image

21. SMB Business Loan - One

A personal challenge to visualize some hypothesis and keep practicing.
SMB Business Loan - One image

22. Flight Booking App

Design concept is about simplifying the whole flight booking experience. If you’ve ever wanted to build an app like this one (or if you’re a frequent traveler), you should definitely check this out!
Flight Booking App image

23. Educational App - Freebie

It’s a concept for an educational app. It empowers kids to learn subjects, playing with different mini games.
Educational App - Freebie image

24. Online Book Store App

In this app user can save a book to favourites, see the preview and check other readers' reviews.
Online Book Store App image

25. Online Groceries App UI

This will give you a head start when creating any kind of online store app for your company or a client.
Online Groceries App UI image

26. News Application UI Design

I have specified a limited color palette to give users maximum focus on the content. I used a serif font as I thought it would be suitable for a news app.
News Application UI Design image

27. Cinema App - Dribbble Shot 🏀

The concept of the online cinema application. You can use this file for your shots.
Cinema App - Dribbble Shot 🏀 image

28. UI Elements for Social App

Today I wanna share with you my FREE UI Elements for your future App Design.
UI Elements for Social App image

29. Mobile application

A minimalist mobile template.
Mobile application image

30. Onboarding UI Design Templates

We created a set of onboarding screen designs based on the best practices of popular apps that you could use for ecommerce apps, food apps, travel apps, social apps and more. We hope you’ll find these onboarding designs useful for your app projects. Check it out and share it with any startups who need to refresh the onboarding experience for their app!
Onboarding UI Design Templates image

31. Food Delivery App

Here is my design exploration for a food delivery application.
Food Delivery App image

32. Watch Mobile Application

An application that shows the time.
Watch Mobile Application image