Free Figma Landing Page Templates

14 Free Figma Landing Page Templates [2021]

Landing pages are essential to any kind of web based marketing. Whenever you need to convey what your product or service is all about to the end user, landing pages is exactly what you need to do that. We have created a list of the best landing page templates for Figma.

Free Figma Landing Page Templates

1. Figmaland- Business Landing page

Figma Business template design. Get started with this rich and easy to customize template.
Figmaland- Business Landing page image

2. Figma Freebies: Clean Landing Page

Clean, elegant and simple Cryptocurrency Landing Page for wallet.
Figma Freebies: Clean Landing Page image

3. Weiss - Landing Page

Engineer/Architect - Landing Page
Weiss - Landing Page image

4. Landingpage-LaslesVPN

Exploration of designing a website for a VPN service.
Landingpage-LaslesVPN image

5. Numm

Web page with deep illustration of features & properties with the help of beautiful typography, imagery and gradients.
Numm image

6. Freehand landing page

Present your digital agency in a creative, elegant and minimal way!
Freehand landing page image

7. Digits Landing Page Template

Crafted with care in Figma, written with the mind of conversion optimisation expert.
Digits Landing Page Template image

8. EcoCabins

EcoCabins, a producer of tiny houses intended for permanent residence here in The Netherlands.
EcoCabins image

9. Game landing page

It's a cool game landing page template to promote any game as it includes all main blocks.
Game landing page image

10. Relationz

Landing Page UI Exploration
Relationz image

11. Biller Landing Page Design

Here's an initial design draft I created for the Remita v2 redesign, it never went live so feel free to download and deconstruct as you please. 👍👍👍
Biller Landing Page Design image

12. CloudBudget

A budget management software landing page.
CloudBudget image

13. Services section

Landing Page. Services section.
Services section image

14. Coffee Landing Page

For all the coffee lovers out there, I created this landing page design. I hope you like it.
Coffee Landing Page image